Editor Lookup

“To submit my article, I have to pick an appropriate editor. All this scientific journal gives to me is a bunch of names of people whose expertise I do not know. Now I have to manually search through each one’s publications, to choose appropriately!”

Researching on a large number of people and their scientific merits is a time-demanding task, especially if you have to do it manually. I know I have done it—again and again and again—while searching for appropriate editors, reviewers, PR persons, and when doing reviews myself.

With a little bit of programming and a general interest in technology in the background, I decided to develop this little tool to help myself and fellow scientists to enhance time management. No third party participated in the development of this tool, nor did I receive any funding for it.

The tool has been written in Python, with BioPython and NumPY libraries, and the table is formatted with DataTables; it is to run on a personally-funded Nginx server, with a Django-framework. I wish to express my sincerest gratitude towards all the developers involved in these projects.

As my identity is irrelevant to the usage of the tool and science should be for everyone, I wish to stay anonymous. I am, however, interested in the comments, feedback, and suggestions concerning the tool, so feel free to contact me, through the form in the contact page.

I wish you all the best.

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Editor Lookup does simple PubMed queries.
The user is advised to do a more thorough research manually, if needed.
The author does not take any responsibility for the results.
Comments, suggestions, and feedback are welcome. Please refer to the form in the contact page.

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